How will I be compensated?

For domestic donors, total compensation for time and efforts begins at $5,000.00 USD. Compensation for international donors will be determined on an individual basis.

The Donor Egg Bank, Inc. will acquire a health insurance policy for you in order to cover the egg donation procedure. This policy will provide $250,000.00 in medical insurance for a period of 30 days following egg retrieval in the event that you develop any health problems as a result of the medical procedures involved with the egg donation process.

All medications, medical appointments and medically necessary tests will be paid for by the recipient that you are matched with.

Oftentimes a donor is matched with a recipient that does not reside in the donorís home state. In these cases, the donor will have some of her cycle monitored locally but will need to travel to the recipientís IVF clinic for the actual egg retrieval. Frozen egg donors may also be monitored at a local IVF clinic, but will need to spend 3-5 days in Los Angeles for the egg retrieval. Travel expenses are all paid for by the intended recipient for a traditional cycle, and by The Donor Egg Bank for a frozen cycle.